About Young Marx

IMG_0611“YoungMarx believes in neutral meaning of research finding without compromising. Like other academic and civil society of the world YoungMarx believes every conflict has a peaceful solution.”


YoungMarx born in 23rd Sept 1977, He is an Anthropologist, ACCOUNTANT, Finance Broker and information system developer lives in various states of Australia. YoungMarx believes he was born in this world other than specifying any small part of it, because world is a very small place it-self. This page of YoungMarx is not a profile or any web base material to measure him or his works. This page will only concentrate on his recent works and future initiatives what will basically give him space to share his recent works with people who have specific interest about any specific topic, concept, idea or activity. YoungMarx is an armchairist anthropologist who is involved with online base research about culture, community, people or society. More or less everyone has interest about this ongoing world, or life feel free to name it what you like. A successful research can pave the way of thinking, shape the pattern of knowledge, can slide through ever changing point of views of people in front of your curious mind to feed your dignified existence.

No, it is not something that is radical, that is revolutionary, that can change the law of gravity but it can claim its own existence by it-self. Knowledge is an unending project somewhat only out loud existence of human being. What changes that develop, what never ends that changes, what reciprocal that exchange, what exchange that can reach to the last human being will born in this world. It is like your bed spring will hold any amount of weight suggested by the manufacturer.

Past years spent some time looking at SEO development projects to make some information available to people. It goes fast and easy to people no matter useful or not but people can make use of any kind of information now a days. I believe people close to my age will sense the philosophical trends in 1950’s and afterward what has become a popular icon in social science called post-modernism. No I am not going to go through any argument when it was started or how it was started. When a social symbol become recognized or accepted by people it becomes an icon, it is as simple as that. Principle, ideology, morality, reality, truth become very attractive terms to people who were actually involved with this ongoing world.

God is reflection of nature, nature is reflection of god, either way how we name this physical world take us closer to a super organic power that we prefer to believe in or not prefer to believe in it exist. It is as true as the existence of life in this planet. Life is also a super organic power like god that gives us existence in this world as long as our physical existence can deserve it. A one cell living creature amoeba could give Darwin the ease that it was a result of evolution declining the truth that nothing can come from nowhere like the whole physical existence of this world in this galaxy. It will sound funny if I tell you the whole galaxy is a result of evolution. I believe Darwin is the most talented person ever born who actually and really created a doubt in our mind that everything actually a result of evolution and an autonomous process. Who make the rules? It is just an adjustment of the time, who controls? It is just matter of time to decide. Actual human being Karl Marx was a non believer. I will make it clear to you that there are two kinds of people in this world at present, believer and no-believer. This is not anything like getting benefit out of believing in something, it is about involving yourself as a dignified personality with something that is true other than being superstitious.

Think about an empty space where everything coming to their existence in a process of trial and error, it is autonomous, spontaneous, evolutionary steps toward to the progress. When it comes to equilibrium we can conclude it is a super natural or super organic power, or the power itself is god, but no argument about the existence of this absolute autonomous power who runs the process. YoungMarx believes the historical failure of science is they cannot proof the existence of god or any super organic power who decides the idea of equilibrium. Somewhat science is superstitious in this sense.

YoungMarx believes in thoughts that are true or impossible to be proven as untrue. To understand the idea of truth you need to classify truth in two classes, one is volatile truth one is absolute truth like the law of gravity explored by Sir Isaac Newton. I won’t tell you to listen to your heart like Hollywood film makers to make a very important decision of your dignified existence. YoungMarx does not belong to any religious belief rather submit his everlasting soul to a super organic power who certify the existence of his soul or life. No, science cannot prove the non existence of life in this planet what to explore in other planets as well. Death is a submission; death is an absolute truth for any living creature in all planets. Human soul or life is a phenomenon that gives a separate and unique identity or characteristics to every single human being.


Research Proposal 1: “Holy Bible”

This blog is aimed to reestablish original contents of the Holy Bible in three main parts in a very briefing manner. The blog name I have chosen is “Christianity Australia.”



Research Proposal 2: “List of Authorities”

This blog aimed to create a structure of legal procedure of the courts with the aid of case laws. People who are running any cases or appeal to any court or searching some reliable law journals or case laws for particular legal context, this blog will be very convenient.

The blog name I chosen if “ Case law & Equitability”.



Research Proposal 3: “Principle of Lust”


Brothels in Sydney Australia website, is a research project taken by me PERSONAL ONLINE base research identity  ” YoungMarx” to create a comparison database of Sydney brothels and other adult services available in Australian adult entertainment industry. Sydney is a place where the industry is growing faster and in a stable manner considering the worldwide popularity of this very city. When anyone thinks about Australia they think about Sydney. Adult entertainment industry is a syndication of some global entrepreneurs in conjunction with local business owners. Adult entertainment industry faces lot of scrutiny of government and legislation. Some of them also facilitate the safety of sex workers who should not be deprived from their civil rights.

It might increase confusion among the visitors of this the Brothels in Sydney Australia website what is the research about, what is the benefit of it. A successful research always make a difference among existing pattern of knowledge, show us new ways to look at things that we might seeing for long, it also initiate spaces of thought and awareness among people. It is better to know about an industry in a fair and transparent manner other than having some false and misleading idea.

I am basically a web developer do online base research about business and communities. I hope this research project will also facilitate all private and government authorities to look at the transparent report of the industry. It’s a growing popular industry we might ignore or not admit for moral issues. Morality is a controversial concept where every civil country Government Issue license most probably for some good reasons and purposes. We might name it greater good of the society as integrated whole. Being materialistic about our human wants and need is somewhat being practical in manner. Everyone has more or less interest about our ongoing world and life, I am just simply making it easier for you, if you have due diligence. The research database is free to download and upgrade. My personal identity will diversify other online base research opportunities in future. When anyone try to generate a successful research he might have to deal with lot of things against his will or out of his comfort zone, this is very usual form of our life. Basically it is not possible to complete the research without making the complete information available for people, who are willingly searching for it.

” Prostitution is a byproduct of boundless Development. “



Research Proposal 4:  “Australian Independent industries.”

This is also an online base research will result in an integrated website of Australian made sunglasses. I have selected this industry considering the popularity and demand of the product in local and worldwide market. In capitalist theory we believe “if you cannot produce quality products, you should not produce anything. “ My goal is to display some quality products on my shopping cart made by proud Australian manufacturers.

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